A collection of pictures from my time in Europe over the last month! Fortunate enough to have visited London, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Italy and Croatia! I'm just going to let the pictures do the talking. For more snazzy pictures check out my Instagram x


getting thrifty.

So, incase you didn't know I'm a student. Therefore, I'm living the broke life and don't necessarily have the funds to go out and buy some new clothes to keep up with all the latest trends (even though I would like to). I've seen a lot of people talk about thrifting and how it's a killer way [...]

about me.

My name is Mia Benino and I am currently studying Marketing and Public Relations in Australia. The main way I can describe myself is by being a fashion enthusiast, who is also obsessed with beauty, travel and the internet (as most people do). I've started this blog to share my love of these things and create [...]